Powering Customer Advocacy

The world’s most beloved brands unlock the potential of their best customers to increase loyalty and purchases, gather feedback, and spread authentic word-of-mouth awareness to win new customers.

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Break down the wall between your brand and your best customers

Built around authenticity, Crowdly’s platform and expert managed services make it easy to build a whitelabeled, fully-owned channel to your true fans – not rented influencers – to grow your brand through genuine feedback, authentic user generated content, and impactful testimonials from your fans to their friends and family to bring you new customers.

How It Works


Recruit hundreds to thousands of your customers to join your advocate community. Crowdly-powered, but completely white-labeled and fully customized for your brand, your advocate Hub acts as a digital home base for your customers, where they can engage with your brand.

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Feature Image


Our white-labeled, quick-to-launch, and proven-effective Missions drive loyalty and engagement from your fans. Found on your Hub and distributed through Crowdly's white-labeled, direct-to-fan channels, Missions are built to drive shares and stories from your fans to their friends, driving new sales and awareness, too.

Automatic Personalization

Our deep segmentation capabilities allow you track individual relationships over time, and easily target personalized missions to the right users at the right time. Our FosterTrack™ capability expands on this, utilizing AI and event driven triggers to create set-and-forget sequences that drive evergreen engagement in your initiatives.

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Feature Image

Measure Success

Manage your program and keep track of the results in our clear and simple dashboard. Get the big picture instantly, with the power to dive deep. Understand your advocates, measure engagement, export UGC and survey responses, and monitor conversion in real-time to keep a pulse on the success of your advocacy program.

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